Thursday, 24 June 2010

Putting the effort in

If you want a girl to find you attractive you have to put some effort in. I don’t mean change your image as I always think you should be yourself and not change to what you think the girl may like. Also if you change your image the girl will eventually work out that you are a fake so long term it won’t work out.

Girls are always putting effort in to their appearance regardless of whether they are trying to attract someone or not and I think that boys need to adopt this attitude as well. You never know when you might meet the one so you should always be looking your best.

I’m not saying you have to go extreme but just take some time considering what you are going to wear don’t just throw any old thing on. Find out what styles and colours work for you. Basics make sure your clothes are washed and ironed if needed.

Do something with your hair, style it or try another haircut. Make sure you are smelling good, try a face moisturiser. Yes all of this is a lot of effort but these things could make all the difference. Its a dog eat dog world out there and appearances do mean a lot so make sure you make one that counts.

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